Welcome to Uphams House

From Georgio Papadopoulos

I consider my self an innovator, not a follower. I take the proper time to prepare something right. Strive for a home cooked quality product, a fair price and best possible service.

Go through the extra effort and expense to be the best. Only serve a meal that you would be proud to serve to guest in your home. We pride ourselves in using the finest ingredients, serving large portions, and provide superior service and fastest delivery possible to all our customers.

Your order is made fresh the moment you order it. Our pizza sauce is made with fresh pact tomatoes not tomatoes from concentrate and using the best herbs & spices. Our

Super Subs are prepare on fresh bread and stuffed with only the finest ingredients.

The seafood and chicken is the freshest the market has to offer. Only the finest ingredients go into everything we cook

Our goal is to be your favorite place to eat.

Georgio Papadopoulos